Protect Your Health and Your Wealth

We help our clients with their health and wealth needs as they near retirement.

Protect Your Health and Your Wealth

We help our clients with their health and wealth needs as they near retirement.

Life Insurance

Protect yourself and your family with life insurance.

About Us
Coventry Asset Protection

You are looking forward to the golden years of your life. At the same time, you want to protect your assets and your health, so you can live life to the fullest during retirement. Trust Coventry Asset Protection to help you protect your health and your wealth with Medicare, life insurance, annuity, and healthcare options.

Services We Offer


We are here to help you understand the ever-changing world of Medicare and help you procure an Advantage plan or a supplemental plan.

Health Insurance

If you are preparing to enroll in Medicare, we offer over 50 carrier options and many types of health insurance plans.

Life Insurance

We will help you understand the different life insurance policies available to you, so you can effectively plan for the future.

Preparations for Retirement

Helping people like you plan and prepare for situations that may occur during retirement is what brings us satisfaction and inspires us to continue providing help and guidance to our clients in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Turn to us to better understand your healthcare options during retirement, obtain a life insurance policy, procure a Medicare Advantage plan, or ensure your financial security with an annuity during retirement.

Why Choose Us?

Customized service

Whether you are preparing to enroll in Medicare or interested in life insurance options, our role is to understand exactly what you need and identify how we can help.

Varied options

We offer life insurance, annuities and financial planning, long-term care solutions, Medicare supplements, and more.

Personalized recommendations

We never suggest products or solutions unless they complement the best interests of our clients.

What Our Clients Say

Debranne Lehman

Highly recommend the professionalism Coventry Asset Protection brings. Saved over one thousand dollars a month, and actually have better benefits.

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We hold ourselves to the highest level of professionalism and integrity, only ever providing advice, information, and solutions that improve the situations of our clients and help them effectively plan for their retirement years. Set up your free consultation with us today to review your current healthcare and retirement plans and effectively plan for the future.