Everything You Need to Know About Long-Term Care Plans

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Even though it may be hard to picture, chances are, you will likely need some help taking care of yourself as you age. The main thing to consider right now is how you will pay for it when you reach this point.

Everything You Need to Know About Long-Term Care Plans

Purchasing a long-term care insurance plan is one way you can prepare for this major expense later in life. Long-term care plans cover a wide range of services not typically covered by standard health insurance. For example, most long-term care plans include coverage for assistance with normal daily activities, like getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, and bathing.

Long-term care plans also help you cover the costs of the care you will receive if you develop a disability, a chronic medical condition, or a disorder, like Alzheimer’s disease. You can get reimbursements for care provided in many places, such as:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Adult day care facilities
  • Your home
  • A nursing home

Waiting until you need this coverage isn’t a viable strategy, and most plans have limits on the age you can purchase them at.  At Coventry Asset Protection, we recommend looking into long-term care plans as you get closer to retirement and then revisiting your coverage every few years.

Although a long-term care plan isn’t the right choice for everyone, most seniors will need long-term care services at some point. Contact us today to discuss your options and to learn more about what long-term care plans cover.