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Find dental insurance options that work for you.

If you are over the age of 65, you rely on the Medicare system to make the cost of healthcare more affordable as you age. Although Medicare does help you reduce costs, there are certain types of coverage it does not provide, like dental insurance.

Dental Insurance in Altamonte Springs, Florida

The cost of dental care for things like cleanings, fillings, dentures, dental plates, tooth extractions, and other dental devices can quickly add up. If you need dental insurance to complement your Medicare coverage, come and talk to us at Coventry Asset Protection.

Our goal is to help you protect your health and your wealth with proper retirement planning and information on different insurance products that can help you reduce costs and get the most out of your retirement years. We offer a range of dental insurance plans for both families and individuals, so you can get the same great dental benefits that you would through an employer.

We have helped many seniors in the Altamonte Springs, Florida area find the right dental insurance plan for them, and we can do this for you, too. We will only suggest products we know will complement exactly what you need and will never try to oversell you on anything. Integrity and taking care of our clients are what is most important to us.

If you’re looking for a new dental insurance plan that will work for you during your retirement years, we’re here to help. Contact us today to set up your free consultation to discuss your dental insurance needs.