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Learn about your options for vision insurance while on Medicare.

Medicare helps you offset the cost of healthcare now that you have reached the age of 65. And although this federally funded program provides many benefits, it does not completely cover all your insurance needs. When it comes to vision insurance, whether or not you receive any benefits depends on the Medicare plan you have.

Vision Insurance in Altamonte Springs, Florida

For example, if you have Medicare Part A, this usually only covers your vision in cases where something happens to your eyes, and you need to be hospitalized. If you have Medicare Part B, you may qualify for a pair of contact lenses or glasses following cataract surgery. But if you have Medicare Part C, you can choose vision insurance from a private insurance company that contracts directly with Medicare.

This last option is usually the preferred route for seniors in the Altamonte Springs, Florida area because it provides comprehensive vision insurance benefits. At Coventry Asset Protection, we can help you find the right vision insurance plan based on what you need, your budget, and your current Medicare benefits. We are here to help you protect your health and your wealth while you enjoy your retirement years, and we will only recommend insurance products we know will work with your situation.

If you need a new vision insurance plan, or you are transitioning from private insurance to Medicare and you want to know what your options are, we can help. Contact us today to set up your free consultation.